PTRC Return Filling Due Date Extended for the Period from April,2016 to Jan,2019 under Maharashtra State on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employement Act,1975

As Per Trade Circular No. 6T of 2019 Dt: 14/01/2019 Maharashtra State Government has Extended the Date for PTRC Return Filling.

Recently Maharashtra State Government were released Trade Circular No. 28T of 2018 Dt: 19/10/2018. In this Trade Circular the Whole of the Late Fees Payable by the Registered Employer in Respect of Monthly or Annual Returns pertaining to periods April,2016 to Nov,2018 was exempted due to technical glitches faced by the Tax Payers, Subject to Fulfillment of Eligibility Conditions.

As this Technical Glitches are not fully resolved the state government has extended the date of filling returns without payment of Late Fees for the Period from April,2016 to Jan,2019, Subject to Fulfillment of below mentioned 2 conditions:

1. Any amount payable as per return should have been / shall be paid on or before due date.
2. The aforesaid employers should submit the monthly returns or annual returns pertaining to the periods April,2016 to Jan,2019 on or before 28th Feb,2019.

In case any employer have already paid Late Fees, Refund or Adjustment will not be Granted.

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